Hope we can crack this soon as when it does get a channel the picture and sound quality are excellent. Atleast you can always install linux to make a full pvr like mythTV if it doesnt work on windows. Mini-PC weighs grams, is performed in a black hull with dimensions of x x 38 mm, and is passively cooled. The Afatech page at http: The install is very easy, but you do need to uninstall the device, then plug in the dongle again and select the terratec driver specifically. Unfortunately i couldnt get my Compro the usb one that uses the dibcom chipset to work with gbpvr: That does make some of sense of what I’ve experienced with this tuner.

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I’ll keep you posted. Some are blank, some stutter inc channel 4 but many are very clear.

I got a response from Afatech to my second message. Some PC monitors developers pay great attention to the products’ design, the others try to stuff them with all novel technologies. I worked out how to get the channel name into the epg. But that xf9005 all. Then it started to bluescreen every time I tried to scan.

If this is silicon chip tuner the warm must have some serious effect on noise Hi, thanks for the file, i just read all 4 pages and i too am hoping to get a fixiam getting the ‘unknown channels plus iam also getting a lot of stuttering on the channels i can recieve the aerial i have is a decent one and picks up all the chans on a set top box without any hassle whatsoever ,but for some reason this just gets a few and a9f005 some are audio only ,: Think this is crap chip!


Have anybody tried to open this stick and cool it manually? I have been reading with great respect many of the helpfull threads. However, none of the station names are recognised. Also incuded in the download is the Terratec home cinema app, which works.

Download and install AfaTech AF BDA Device – driver id

They suggested installing the certified driver from http: Hi i’m new here but notice this thread while trying to figure out why BlazeDTV didn’t find any channel names but seemed to find about 73 channels UK Freeview. You can re-scan and tweak using the advanced settings on the player. And once it crashes, thats it it always crashes, so I have to do a restore to the point before the drivers we’re installed. Hi all, just come across this forum – and quite relieved to find others experiencing the same problems!

But there are many other manufacturers af9050 well. The launch of such cloud solutions will facilitate GPU virtualization in various environments. Drivers are the property and the responsibility of their respective manufacturers, and may also be available for free directly from manufacturers’ websites.


AF9005 BDA Device, list of drivers

I’ve had a very similar experience to pinkeyes Drivers may also be available for free directly from manufacturers’ websites.

If not then no other software would be compatible with the AF The names shown in the config app are extracted from the bda. If so, I imagine in order to show more than one channel, software would have to be able to change the PIDs being filtered. Although if that is the case then what use is the ‘standard’ supplied BDA driver? Selfish I know, but I am so relieved that I am not the only one having trouble with “unknown” bdz.

Drivers for AF BDA Device

Goodluck with the leadtek. You can check for the appropriate names with GraphEdit. I have changed over leads, dongles everthingand no change. At least it finds a lot more channel than Blaze.

INI are at the end of this a9005. Terratec picked up all the 30 channels but could not see any think just blank screen and cracking sound.