Not available , but it has many parts in common with the Laserwriter Pro Laserwriter II DC power supply , used good. The company has made many different kinds of technology over the years, with a few standouts being: It still is “required” when printing multipart forms as used by many businesses, but these printers are less common on the market in Follow this link to see our supplies of inkjet cartridges. Apple II and Apple III computers could make use of the Apple Color Plotter, which was a specialized device that could print with water- or oil-based inks for very basic color.

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Color may be grey or beige. The ImageWriter was a main staple of printing from the Macintosh for a long time. Shipping weight 19 lbs.

Finding an Apple Vintage Computer Printer Computer printers have existed almost as long as computers themselves. It was based on a Canon -developed Bubble Jet printer, but was repackaged with a new housing, firmware, and Apple’s proprietary 8-pin mini-DIN serial port. Both accept the same AppleTalk add-on card and the ribbons and print heads are the same. Paladin Interactive Television Box Pippin.

Because this inkjet printer has impressive 5 ppm printing speed, you can complete your printing more rapidly.


Applle links to a text page list of my currently available Imagewriter and Imagewriter II printers.

The ImageWriter II is designed to use track paper that is fed through a slit on the back. The Color StyleWriter is notable for its compatibility with the Apple Pippin sfylewriter gaming system. Apple laser printers, parts and controllers On this Web page I have parts and assemblies available for many Apple laser printers.

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It’s in excellent and working used condition. Compatible Brand see all. A controller card is required for printer use. These models were all rebadged DeskJets.

S and other stylewgiter. These are mostly used, some previously tested if unused I’ll say so. The Portable StyleWriter was a portable inkjet printer manufactured in and was designed to match the PowerBook Series portable computer.

ImageWriter II sheet feeders. Plastic is mildly photo aged – no heavy yellowing see photos. Uses same print cartridges and ink dtylewriter as model, may print a little faster. Uses either a black print head and ink cartridge, or a “carrier” which holds a black and a color ink cartridge. The container mentions many more printers, including I.

The controller card is a card in the back of the printer, with various connectors and with the LW II model name. stglewriter


StyleWriter – Wikipedia

Print quality is slightly better than the IW II. Printer powers on, the fuser assembly heats up and the fans cool well. When ordering a printer, please specify color grey or white ; some printers we have are faded to yellow, let me know if you will accept one of them at a reduced price.

This printer is in very good working condition. When Steve Jobs returned to Apple inhe discontinued most of the company’s accessory product lines, including the StyleWriter and LaserWriter.

Color StyleWriter inkjet printer. Please provide a valid price range.


Regular paper can be used without the SheetFeeder, but must be feed in one at a time. We generally want to sell these with printers, otherwise it costs several dollars to pack and ship even one of these. Featuring a useful shape, the Apple Color StyleWriter blends into your work area with ease. Check the printer’s manual for explanations. All but a few models contained Canon print engines, while the last few were re-badged HP DeskJet printers.