The read or write activities of any device connected to the primary or secondary IDE connector cause this LED to light up. Pin 5 is removed to prevent incorrect insertion when using ribbon cables with pin 5 plug. Page 47 This connector connects to an optional front panel audio module using a 3-pin audio cable. You do not have to remove the retention module base when installing the CPU or installing other motherboard components. How this guide is organized This manual contains the following parts:

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Valid values for hour, minute and second are Hour: BIOS revision will solve your problems.

ASUS P4B-M – motherboard – micro ATX – Socket – i Overview – CNET

Choose account you want to login. There is no account with this identification number. Page 2 Product warranty or service will not be extended if: Detailed descriptions of the BIOS parameters are also provided.

Install the software drivers for the expansion card. It includes details on the switches, jumpers, and connectors on the motherboard. Asue see section 4.

See the illustration below. The CPU ;48m only in one correct orientation. A copy of a file, directory, or volume on a separate storage device from the original. Glossary Glossary This part lists the technical terms that you may encounter when reading this document. If not detected, the USB controller legacy mode is disabled. Follow the instructions on the succeeding screens to complete the update process. The default of [Auto] allows the system to detect a USB device at startup.


Motherboard Installation Motherboard installation Before you install the motherboard, study the configuration of your chassis to ensure that the motherboard fits into it. Find the proper orientation and push down firmly until the connectors completely assu. Index Index This part contains an alphabetical list of the topics found in this document. This window displays p48j help text for the currently highlighted field.

Enter your ID code to continue Identification nr. Select this option only if you do not want to save the changes that you made to the Setup program. Incorrect settings may cause the system to fail to recognize the installed hard disk.

This feature allows you to asux rid of the boring boot pp48m screens by customizing your own boot logo. Item info Seller info Bids 0. Exit Menu Select this option only if you do not want to save the changes that you made to the Setup program. If you made changes to fields other than system date, system time, and password, the BIOS asks for a confirmation before exiting.


Elektrodit Elga P48M 2.0x300mm 1.5kg

These items are also present in the software menu. This copy is for the purpose of data retrieval in case the original is accidentally erased, damaged, or destroyed. Check if the code sent with SMS matches with code on you see here. Operation is subject to the following two conditions: Before attempting to configure a hard disk drive, make sure you have the correct configuration information supplied by the drive manufacturer. Enter password so you can login to Osta.

This section provides details on the new software applications 4p8m the motherboard supports. This parameter is normally disabled because the resources used in the SMART monitoring feature may decrease system performance. This will facilitate the motherboard installation and future upgrades. Position the fan with the retention mechanism on top of the heatsink.