For more pictures of the mini, see: I’m really, really glad you’re doing these. One of the best reviews on peripherals that’s not from a professional site. Live Events GG of the Year. Immortal thing is really funny. Yea I see that on my current mouse there are no screws, so I guess they are under the feet.

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Also I think the tapered design of the sides once they reach the front is perhaps a little much for my style. I mean just casually moving it side to side makes it noticeably rattle. Either way the is still a very good sensor in its own right. National Electronic Sports Open European Politico-economics QA Mega-thread Vape Nation Thread If you’re seeing this topic then another mass shooting happened and people disagree on what to do.

GPL – Grand Finals. It sounds like a fizz bubble popping in a soft drink left on my desk which at first I thought it minl. Immortal thing is really funny.

What this means is that there are two 10g weights inside the mouse that can be removed, however, in order to gain access these weights you have to completely open the mouse up. Also, I read the title as “Azureus”, the torrenting client.

Agon League Season 2. You asurues see the ms paint images I took regarding the tracking output of the mouse and the amounts of prediction you’re likely to experience. Afreeca Starleague Season 7: S, so there are other issues I need to work on before worrying about something minor like this.


Also there is a tiny high pitched “pre-click”, that I can hear everytime I lay my finger on top of the left mouse button. The mouse works fine It seems that the at the time was more in demand, and that the firmware would have been more difficult to configure, as lower steps would have to be interpolated.

Is that not suppose to happen? The braided cable feels fairly pliable, certainly more so than the rubberized cable of my Pyra did.

Tt eSPORTS Announces the AZURUES Mini FPS Gaming Mouse | TechPowerUp

Also LOd, polling rate and other things depend on a bunch of factors. The mouse felt pretty good when I first used it maybe a little sluggish in SCbut after removing those two weights, the mouse feels even better. The good thing about this sensor?

I think it’s a minor thing, but design wise it could have been slightly better. I don’t think I’ve used azuruee enough to make a good determination, that and I thoroughly suck in CS: I read this review a few days ago, and I just bought a brand new Azurues Mini mouse from a retail Micro Center near my house to azuruws my Abyssus because I don’t really like being able to feel my thumb getting caught in the gap between the mouse button and the side when I press down.


Thermaltake Tt eSPORTS AZURUES Mini Optical Gaming Mouse

Moo Proleague Season 2. EU Nexus Azkrues World Electronic Sports Games One of the best reviews on peripherals that’s not from a professional site. Tracking on this mouse aside from one ‘issue’ feels really smooth and responsive.

It’s too bad the Abyssus has jitter prolbems on a number of cloth pads, but heck, there’s even a thread on ESR dedicated to which mousepads work with it. The grips are much mni slick than that on the Pyra but still feel pretty stable. This can either be a non-issue if you can work with more prediction, or if you absolutely cannot abide it, will be a deal breaker with this mouse.

I hate being right. Brilliant review, brilliant photos, very in depth. GG of the Year The has two firmwares where in v66 angle snapping is on, and in v67 it is minl.