Last edited by BigAssWalrus ; Jan 28, 2: The only reason for this is that your video will be a lot smaller while maintaining the exact same quality. I have no problem recording Insurgency Gameplay with my voice. I don’t have insurgency yet since my internet connection sucks at the moment in my location and I’d be rubberbanding around like crazy, I’m surprised noone else has any info though. Are you able to get full audio on other games?

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Adding any kind primayr text or any elements that you can think of is incredibly easy when you’re using their video editor. Discussions Rules and Guidelines.

Definitely see if it works on another game though. Here, make sure that the “Run this program compatibility mode for ” is unchecked.

What do you mean? Free Download Free Download. I found a “hot fix” for myself I will write a tutorial for the community these days and maybe add a video to youtube for a easy walktrough tru this issue.

The secondary sound device, enable it as your mic. Here, you need to have defined the following settings: This editor really doesn’t seem to perform so well when you use this mode and Bandicam is actually preferred.


How to Fix No Audio Sound Problem in Bandicam

Ah, I don’t have the sounds recording in my video’s either, I turned it off when I was doing strict gameplay only video with no commentary. If every other game can be recorded just fine without problems is it still me or is it insurgency?

For some wierd reason it is not recording any ingamesound. And the settings are not only the ones referring to the Bandicam software.

I just dont get it why insurgency isn’t working for me? Sorry for the confusion. From adjusting the size bandicm the shape, and even the color. Just the insurgency sounds are not recorded.

You also need to check your Windows settings. Jan 28, 2: The only reason for this is that your video will be a lot smaller while maintaining the exact same quality. Capturf and more people are trying to add voice to their videos. Recording the mic via Stereo mix results in so much editing afterwards because its just always on.

Bandicam – Enable and configure a secondary sound device (microphone)

You can check what you have as a recording device when you click settings next to listed device and make sure you are getting a reading from your mic. Then, click on the Settings button that is somewhat in the middle of Bandicam interface and make sure that you are on the Sound tab.


So, what you need to do is to go to the Bandicam presets of your video. Last edited by RAM ; Jan 29, 6: It’s worth the 40 bucks imo if you are going to be doing a lot of youtube video caputre and stuff for longer than 10 minutes. Hi guys, I tried to capture some Insurgency gameplay with Bandicam. In case you don’t see this option, you need to right-click on the Bandicam shortcut that probably is on your desktop fapture, and choose Properties. Plus, you can also choose to change your cursor.

And this is where the problem is. While you’re recording, you can draw circles, use arrows, among others to catch the viewers attention.

Push to talk mic. The other free versions of recording software I didn’t like much.