To avoid spreading resources too thin, initial focus on Phase I is for robotic, rather than human, sensing. This prototype will demonstrate the proposed EAPS missile array with gas mitigation and thermal management systems. The focus of the proposed effort is on the design of affordable active phased array sensors at Ku- and Ka- bands. Although footwear science has made considerable progress in the last decade, a performance gap continues to exist between standard issue military footwear and expedition footwear available on the commercial market. Under clear and partly cloudy skies, the Celestial Compass provides highly accurate and nearly instantaneous azimuth measurements. A particular need exists for systems to accurately orient mortar gun tubes in the field.

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There is a compelling need for scaling the output of mid-infrared lasers to much higher power, brightness, and energy. The proposed SBIR program will develop a rapidly deployable lightweight shelter for austere environments that has substantially improved thermal efficiency by comparison to existing systems. Integrated with existing military wireless medical devices, the ULCO system provides the medic better flexibility to safely and remotely monitor multiple casualties.

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Toyon proposes to develop a high-integrity navigation system for SWAP-constrained platforms that provides improved electronic protection against broadband and narrowband jammers, as well as repeaters, spoofers, and multipath using a small-aperture antenna.

The sensor could also be used as a control input for auxiliary particle separation systems to modulate their operating state as warranted by current conditions, potentially leading to direct performance benefits for the engine. Current approaches for protecting military facilities and personnel from biological threats principally involve installations of particulate filtration for fixed facilities or individual protection equipment IPE.

We propose here, in this Phase I and Phase I Option plan, to begin testing of the Sentinel in a polytrauma model in swine. In Phase II we will develop a detailed design and build rsp advanced prototype sensor csp for integration into selected engine system s for operational assessment. This effort lpf develop innovative techniques to provide target classification of ground moving target indication GMTI contacts using simultaneous and continuous streaming SAR imagery of moving targets within the scene.


Results will be used to develop optimal formulation of keratin protein fs; antimicrobial agent to move into in vivo safety and efficacy studies in Phase II of the award.

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This presents some packaging and operational difficulties associated with isolating each missile from the effects of the launch environments such as plume flow. Specifically, affordable active phased arrays are being explored for the purpose of reducing the cost of missile seekers. Creare proposes to develop, build, and test a novel high performance MEMS gyro compass based on the most accurate MEMS rate gyroscopes currently available.

Ultra rugged, low cost short wavelength UV Plasma- shell emitters enable wireless military casualty monitoring systems with no RF interference and low detectability.

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With no clinically approved antiviral therapy available for treatment of flavivirus infections, the development of efficient vaccines and antiviral agents for prevention and treatment of infections is an urgent health priority.

The AJ technology will use non-beamforming algorithms for adapting antenna weights while maintaining the high precision requirements. Laboratory scale parametric experiments will be performed for different TPMC materials and ATP process conditions to guide the model development and characterize the influence of process conditions on material behavior and resulting properties.

Simply put, the problem of RF power generation gets more difficult with increasing power level, increasing frequency, increasing bandwidth, and increasing efficiency with fixed system prime power and thermal constraints. This sensitivity enables detection of a 25 m, 1 ppm Sarin plume with a 2 K temperature contrast relative to the background.

The principal avenue for increasing thermal battery specific energy is to identify and develop new electrode materials that provide higher specific capacity and power performance. Free-space optics can be used to combine the lasers. Structural Reactive Materials SRM have unique properties and through a stepwise high energy milling technique and subsequent powder consolidation, energetic solids can be synthesized and shaped for use in the propellants, ordnance and pyrotechnics communities where the ignition properties and thermodynamics are known and can be tightly controlled.


This prime is specifically interested in thin film, lightweight, anti-icing coatings and will provide immediate transition opportunity for both DoD and commercial applications, working with NanoSonic through this effort with design suggestions and to perform rigorous measurements required for transition to DoD platforms.

A flexible architecture is proposed in which both wired or wireless interfaces can be used. A particular need exists for systems to accurately orient mortar gun tubes in the field. Edge enabled systems promise to significantly enhance the effectiveness of the dismounted warfighter.

EMSI has demonstrated that that these moving vehicle images can support feature-aided GMTI tracking and target classification with extremely high confidence values.

In order to improve situational awareness in high-density urban areas and complex terrains where threats can come from different elevations, three-dimensional mapping and visualization systems could prove to be very effective. Anti-jam protection against sfp large class of broadband jammers and all narrowband jammers is available even when in FRPA mode. Provide prototype build-ready drawings with all material data sheets, engineering reports and modeling results fxp insure field performance.

Open wounds are the leading type of battlefield wounded-in-action casualties in military operations and improvement on current treatment is needed to reduce morbidity and accelerate recovery. The MODS will measure particulate size, size distributions, and concentration, and eventually chemical composition. Among the various antisense molecules Peptide Nucleic Acids PNAs bocw several advantages and are ideally suited fxp development as antibacterial agents. The alloy fabrication and processing parameters are expected to allow for scale-up to prototype size components with favorable economics for commercial manufacture.

Reactive Metals International Inc.