The mysql extension is deprecated and will be removed in the future: Send thread to a friend. Sign up using Facebook. If you have configured a database prefix and would like to prepend it to a table name for use in a native SQL query for example, then you can use the following:. Contact Us Return to Top Lite mode. However, if you are running a lot of queries in a particular script you might want to free the result after each query result has been generated in order to cut down on memory consumption. I would check the apache error log as well as the php error log to see what’s going on.

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Unfortunately it gives the same error. Hi I’m kinda new to this and I would like to ask someone here that are experts in codeigniter framework and PHP.

DB Driver Reference — CodeIgniter documentation

How about this page sorry. Array containing field meta-data Return type: The only parameter is the name of the class to instantiate. For example, when using SQLite you will not need to supply a username or password, and the database name will be the path to your database file.


If you are not using the query builder class, setting it to FALSE will utilize fewer resources when the database classes are initialized. Note If the database platform does not support primary key detection, the first column name may be assumed as the primary key.

In CodeIgniter: changing database driver to ‘mysqli’ doesn’t work!

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This class will not be called directly. This method returns a single result row. The secondary benefit of using binds is that the values are automatically escaped, producing safer queries. To enable the prefixing set TRUE boolean via the second parameter:. Use localhost as MySQL hostname. This is my first time creating and host website bymyself. Note If you provide a DSN string and it is missing some valid settings e.

CodeIgniter has a config file that lets you store your database connection values username, password, database name, etc. It frees the memory associated with the result and deletes the result resource ID.

In addition to the two methods listed below, the following methods also can take a class name to return the results as: Consider the following example: What should I do? Just create a new php file and add this code to the root. Normally PHP frees its memory automatically at the end of script execution. The returned value depends on the underlying myqsli in use. Make sure to call the method codeignifer your query result object:.



Query Builder queries are automatically protectedhowever if you need to manually protect an identifier mysali can use: Do you want me to share a screenshot of the php myadmin area? It simply lets you submit a query.

This method returns the query result as an array of objectsor an empty array on failure. Sign up using Facebook.

Contact Us Return to Top Lite mode. Returns the entire result set as an array of instances of the class requested. Thread Modes In CodeIgniter: If, for example, you run multiple environments development, production, test, etc. I would check the apache error log as well as the php kysqli log to see what’s going on.