Away on extended leave. They’re not designed to be the midrange and treble of a three-way triamped system. Or should I just cut my loss and sell them and get new top cabs. If you have a friend with a table saw and a jigsaw, that’s all you really need. They have a 1″ compression driver above them.

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Did you build those ones yourself? You’ll never have to worry about being short on midrange or highs again.

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Birch plywood is the best to use for this. DIY speaker-building is a hugely satisfying thing. Upon further investigation, it doesn’t look like they used the newer MA driver for any existing designs.

Power handling seems to be the same, but I imagine the crossover would have to be different to account for the differences in response. Those shouldn’t last long.

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Community M200 Compression Driver 2″ With Flyable Community Exponential Horn

Sign up for a new account in our community. Im running a 2 qsc plx 4ohm per communkty which is watts to each cab. And have 2 peavey hz running them. It looks like they just refined it for a few of their newer smaller designs which would be using different crossovers anyhow.


They’re not designed to be the midrange and treble of a three-way triamped system. Just make sure your 1″ can keep m020 – the community vhf is my personal choice if you have the budget. Posted July 30, Garage Sale Search In.

It has a floating ring diaphram, and really sparkles at the top end. For safety’s sake, use a smaller amplifier, one that can deliver This won’t be commmunity. Its a 2″ on a fiberglass horn. Yes, the Elliptrac If you have a friend with a table saw and a jigsaw, that’s all you really need. The result will be compresison low-distortion sound that you’ll feel like you can crank it forever. You should consider what I suggested, building the Community-loaded Mid-Hi packs.

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Away on extended leave. FWIW, the regular M driver goes all communlty way back to or so. Nico Boom had the same basic setup and was very pleased.

It’s basically a 2 inch diaphragm feeding a 2 inch exit, without a phase plug. I strongly urge you to consider this route as it is likely the one that will give the best results for the money invested, and they will have plenty of useful output from Hz to 20, Hz, covering most of the voice range as well. I have JBL s, but the Beyma should work better because it goes lower. Sounds like what you need is a horn-loaded midrange and high frequency system.


When you have a sound gig that you don’t need the triamped system for for instance – you wouldn’t take it out and set it up for a wedding receptionyou’ll have something small that will sound good with just a very basic set-up.

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Register a new account. I’ll mark the thread to have the info. The sound from the horn-loaded midrange drivers should be heavenly, since the bandwidth will cover most of the crucual musical range, with the cones providing solid midbass and bass.

And most likely padding it. The MA has lower midrange extension Hz m20 Hz but at the expense of some of its upper range extension.