We plugged the VideoMate TV Tuner card in, connected the antenna cable, the composite video and the audio-in cable. This is what differs hi-end products from mainstream ones, and it’s especially pleasant if the price remains affordable. The tuner has RCA connectors identical to those on home equipment. VideoMate offers internal audio connection between the TV tuner card and a soundcard. Please enable JavaScript to view the comments powered by Disqus. Add us to your bookmarks. The stuff recorded can be then viewed in a special window that doesn’t touch the main one.

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It also can be solved the following way: Stations can be edited and deleted or frequencies can be entered manually and saved.

COMPRO Videomate Gold Plus II M505 FM TV Tuner Card (PCI Slot Required)

The Channel Surf also reproduces sound for several seconds when going gole the channels. Such solution makes its installation into the PCI slot simpler but it’s impossible to take out the tuner without removing the adapters, and they do not go out easily at that.

Stations can be edited and deleted. It’s funny that the computer turns on comrpo minutes before recording starts, and if you try to shut it down you will see the following warning The stuff recorded can be then viewed in a special window that doesn’t touch the main one.

Compro VideoMate TV Gold-Plus – LinuxTVWiki

The black PCB, gold-plated connectors and a colorful sticker on the tuner look attractive. I can’t but show you the picture from Compro’s site that demonstrates how the Timeshifting works. Our previously tested Asus had a problem with the on-board Highpoint videmoate on the IT7 mainboard. VideoMate offers internal audio connection between the TV tuner card and a soundcard.


Compro VideoMate TV Gold Plus Capture Card – VideoHelp

The company’s biased towards innovative solutions in their products. However, it’s not that important and it can be even better for an inexperienced user. The process is self-explanatory for experienced PC users.

Secondly, the Picture Purifying Pluw supported improves reception and image quality; it includes:. So, the Compro VideoMate TV Gold Plus is a very good competitor on the market of internal tuners thanks to its technical characteristics, serviceability and a great number of unique features. Besides, the designers use hard high-quality cardboard with the words stamped out.

With the Fine Tune enabled the program tries tuning frequencies on the fly in case of unstable reception. Before turning off the PC displays the warning. The remedy is clear, right?

How many pleasantries ckmpro interface offers! Just note that it doesn’t support video capture in MPEG4, though you can get it with alternative software. What do they mean by Other Type? Lame’s codec installed in the system was ignored by the program.

Besides, it’s possible to capture shots only at x When the tuner is started for the first time, it offers to choose a country from the list though tuners usually start automatic or manual scanning. Before turning off the PC displays the warning Besides scheduling recording you can also make the tuner turn on when a certain TV program starts Reminder mode. Write a comment below. Conclusion This is a rare case when I don’t have to sum it up again, but I don’t want to break the tradition.


High-quality plastic, conveniently arranged buttons, ergonomic design.

Compro VideoMate TV Gold Plus II

The package and accessory pack are a good example of how such things should be made. Still, I wasn’t disappointed much because the Scheduler turned off the Hibernate mode flawlessly.

When I began cleaning it up from the noise I found out that the number of frequencies increased twice. By comparison, the Asus comes with a separate adaptor offering all 3 ports which are necessary to get the composite video and the 2 audio signals from a video recorder.

The box is a real eye catcher. The last tab named System Devices allows changing audio and video devices, adjust the audio-in for recording and playing note that the tuner can be connected to the card’s AUX port.