This could just be down to how susceptible people are to these kind of issues, or it could be that the issue varies from one screen to another. My advice would be that if you are not seeing any real problems, don’t bother to go looking for it as it will only annoy you. There wasn’t really any change from my personal use Dell FPW in fact, which was tested with a black depth of 0. Some users have reported them with evidence on their new screens, and many others are seeing no such issues. Laptop Panel Parts Database. We greatly lessened the Ghosting.

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The front of the screen shows a nice thin black bezel, with a slight silver trim at the bottom.

Dell 2407WFP-HC LCD Monitor

Dell Alienware 25″ Discussion threads can be closed at any time at our discretion. W e are looking for the root cause.

The screen is easy to attach and remove, and the stand gives you just as much adjustability as NEC’s recent incher and much more than any Apple monitorincluding wwfphc, pivot, up-and-down, and 90 degrees of rotation to move into portrait mode.

Updates will appear in that article when they are available. The first few revisions were known for an unfortunate tendency to display fuzzy text and mess up wfpch due mainly to the image post-processing engine used.

When first switching the screen on, the issue is harder to spot, but after a couple of hours it becomes wfphd obvious. After all, it seems the level of ghosting does vary from screen to screen here; the sample we reviewed for instance was not as severe as that post in some google videos.


Even calibration with a professional colorimeter did not correct this unfortunately. Office and Windows Use. It also seems that this issue becomes more pronounced the longer the screen is left on.

Without going into too much detail here, this issue manifests itself by a noticeable black ghosting when moving a light coloured object over a 240 background. Default settings of the screen were 50 brightness, 50 contrast. This set of encapsulated speakers snaps onto the bottom edge of the screen and provides 10 watts of stereo audio output. Additional Product Features Monitor Color.

Dell UltraSharp WFP-HC Specs – CNET

The guys in the lab on friday said they could not reproduce the issue playing WOW. Once connected to the PC, the ports on the monitor function, along with the integrated 9-in-2 card reader. We are working this. In fact, it is Samsung’s 6ms G2G generation which showed the most improvement in practice compared with the non-overdriven generation of PVA panels. It’s a clean-enough design that doesn’t quite have the aesthetic polish of an Apple displaybut it’s suitable for display in any environment.

The addition of enhanced W-CCFL dfphc is a nice touch, and offers a little something extra compared with many other current 24″ screens.

The Good Large screen. The back of the screen also offers 2x USB 2. In gaming, there was some motion blur evident if you know what to look for, but nothing which is really going to bother most average users I would suggest.


There also often seems to be discussion of issues which cause concern for many prospective buyers. If you can’t do this, the screen does offer hardware level aspect ratio controlwith options for 1: The screen will not automatically switch the aspect ratio when you rotate into portrait mode, however, so you’ll still need to make that change manually in your video driver software. It might 207 be that we have a bit of a wait before a fix is available.

In practice the artefact was easy enough to produce, but interestingly seemed to get more apparent the longer the screen was left on. The wide ‘HighColor’ gamut is certainly an attractive feature for those who work with extended cell content and are looking for the latest technology from the more affordable monitor range.

Dell WFP-HC Ghosting Issues? – TFTCentral

The following website describes the process. Black bezel with silver stand. This new one earns similar admiration, although we found its image quality ddll less impressive with static images than with video and games. Simon Baker, 5 Sept updated last on 5 Oct