Upon hearing this, I decided to try them out for myself. Yamaha DGX – how can i open a backup file?? I promise to use it only to send you Yamaha Keyboard Guide Xpress!. Anonymous I recently asked Yamaha about this very issue, and this was their response: Anonymous Go directly yo http:

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Comments for Does the Yamaha dgxms have a lot of fair quality sounds? Dick Rector Hi Ahren, No other person can judge how you hear sounds and if you like what you hear or not. Dec 16, Rating I saw the difference myself by: May 04, Rating GDX by: Use a standard USB cable to connect the keyboard to the laptop– often referred to as a “USB printer cable,” having a squarish plug on one end type B male and a flattened plug on the other end type A male.

Anonymous We just go the dgx and cant connect to it either.

We await your info and thank you for visiting this Forum. After this, restart CuBase. Anonymous Thanks for the information! Anyway, disregard if it makes no sense.

Anonymous They are the same keyboard as the last reply stated. If you look over by the time in the bottom right-hand corner of your screen you should see a little gray speaker icon that says “Volume” when you mouse over cgx-230.


DGX – Downloads – Yamaha – United States

Mar 31, Rating Answer by: Simply find the “IN” slider and make sure the volume is maxed out towards the top. I think it is a complete rip off because there is absolutely no differences in the two. Nov 15, Rating. Sep 10, Rating Go to Yamaha Website and download it by: I asked Yamaha support the same question and this is mici answer I got.

This way u can rebuild the soundlibrary of the soundcard with foreign samples of other keyboards using. The developers quickly found out a computer could record ksb playback 16 channels of this data and it revolutionized the way music is produced. May 26, Rating.

Obtaining a USB-MIDI Driver to Connect the Instrument Directly to a Computer

Yahama DGX without stand? Nov 15, Rating Would Yamaha rep please answer this question? Comments for Yamaha DGX and soundfonts. Dec 27, Rating New Keyboard by: I promise to use it only to send you Yamaha Keyboard Guide Xpress!.


We are not connected to Yamaha in any way, but suggest you contact Yamaha Parts Department at or 1 to place an order over the phone via credit card. It’s a nice instrument for someone who wants to simply play piano, or learn to play piano – with usn intention of using it as a MIDI controller keyboard or scratchpad for initial composition ideas to be fleshed out in more versatile computer software later.

If you’re within the “return window” I suggest you return it.

Dealer advise me the stand is purchase mldi Excluded in retail price. Thanks very much Sergio. Jul 16, Rating DCX by: Dec 22, Rating.

Sergio I want convert the songs that are in. Export mult-part Midi files Borrow your son’s X-Box cable the one with the RCA plugs that have red, white and yellow plugs on both ends – one end should mldi plugged into the TV, the other the front of his X-Box.