I would obviously credit you for the initial design. Beats having 8 or 10 ‘s. A buck driver would improve the efficiency a lot , but that’s all. Yeah, figured that much, wishful thinking. If you do, and you would like to get more interaction with aquarium hobbyists i.

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Originally Caat4101 by reefocean One of dij reasons I am trying to learn, is the designer charges per hour. Exceeding these is strongly not recommended! So there are a number of subparts to this: Learning a new skill like pcb design is a challenge, but a fun one. Anyway, the point is that this circuit can be easily modified to change this drive current if required. You’ll just need to calculate the correct resistance.

Easy CAT LED Driver

I have had a great customer experience with them – fast and efficient service, not to mention “cheap” for what I needed! Originally Posted by reefocean Now I need to run about 32 three watt crees and 8 watt bridgelux cool whites.

It came very quickly and here they are, all out ready for assembly! So I am basically defaulting to two channels for the main lighting blue andwhite plus a third channel of accent lighting, which will be a small tight group of strategically placed LEDs at a big angle to produce a “shaft of light” effect during certain events.


I divided the leds into 3 groups of 30 and mounted each group to heatsinks sourced from old Sony Car amplifiers. Now you’re really an expert in DIY liao.

Previous Step Intro 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Next Step. I was trying to determine if it was actually the LED lighting that was affecting the plants growth. The only drawback is that they are a linear driver, which means that the excess voltage difference between the LED forward voltage and dij source voltage gets burned off in heat through the driver cat44101.

If you do, and you would like to get more interaction with aquarium hobbyists i.

Originally Posted by reefocean I just find it hard sifting through all of this info, most of which I don’t understand. My first build would be for my gallon tank. A buck driver would improve the efficiency a lotbut that’s all. I designed a few optional features into the schematic and PCB, purely for adaptability to different situations.

But I want to build the driver myself because all the drivers I have seen online are expensive. This photo is taken with the 60deg Optics fitted, the camera compensating for the higher light intensity so it seems less bright but it is actually brighter. Originally Posted by blue The board show begins as a clean slate with all your components off to the left side of the screen.


Thanks a lot for posting, this is diiy an awesome DIY.

The target was to build a similar light to my 3xT5HO 3x39W light. Beats having diu or 10 ‘s. All times are GMT As standard practice, I recommend a series diode rated for a couple hundred volts, just to stop negative transient voltages. I like your design.

Analog dimming requires 5V reference voltage to power OpAmp, set low voltage limit etc. The SMT parts weren’t as bad as I thought- just needed a steady cat410 and the good ‘ol solderwick for mistakes!

Will share some of it hopefully soon. Or is that not possible?

Easy CAT4101 LED Driver

This is my first time messing with these. They basically cater to the Hobbyists esp for Arduino community selling all kinds of controllers and parts. If AQ is down, go to our Facebook page for status updates.