Using encryption and authentication prevents unauthorized access to your wireless devices Use this page to configure your WAP data rates and wireless fidelity WiFi thresholds Use this page to configure the WAP to restrict access to only selected wireless client devices. Follow the appropriate instructions in this section for your operating system to renew the IP address on your PC. Several factors can impact the practical limit of the network. Choose one of the following options: Wait until the Power and Cable indicators on the cable modem illuminatesolid green. Verify your system requirements Page 2 2.

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Connect your computer to the cable modem gateway. The gateway cable modem can support several Ethernet network devices using either the Ethernet port on the back panel of the unit, or external Ethernet hubs that must be purchased separately.

WebSTAR DPR and DPR Cable Modem Gateway User s Guide – PDF

Click Reboot Cable Modem to restart the gateway modem. Use this chart to troubleshoot thepower up, calibration, and registration process of your cable modem. You do udb have to setall four Keys. Port triggering is similar to port forwarding but is dynamic. For products that require battery power or other power sources to operate them, refer to the operating instructions for those products.

Comply with all warnings and cautions in the operating instructions, as well as those that are affixed to this product. The theoretical distance between wireless network devices is feet inside of a building, and feet outdoors. Hazardous electrical voltages ub be present on any connected wiring. Contact your cable service provider or consult the documentation for your USB network device for more information.

PC Wireless Illuminates solid green to indicate that a wireless access point is enabled and blinks to indicate that wireless data is being transferred over the wireless connection After the cable modem gateway is successfully registered on the network, the POWER LED 1 and CABLE LED 4 indicators illuminate continuously to indicate that the cable modem gateway is online and fully operational. Click Yes to continue the installation.


Page 78 Front Panel Status Indicator FunctionsSpecial ConditionsThe following chart describes the appearance of the cable modem front panelstatus indicators during special conditions to show that you have been deniednetwork access. You can use a large variety of Ethernet network devices with your gateway cable modem.

When you receive your WebSTAR Cable Modem Gateway, you should check the equipment and accessories to verify that each item is in the carton and that each item is undamaged. To ensure that your cable modem gateway operates efficiently for high-speed Internet service, verify that all of the Internet devices on your system meet or exceed the following minimum hardware and software requirements. If you are not familiar with the advanced settings detailed in this section, contact your cable service provider before you attempt to change any of the cable modem gateway default advanced options settings.

To connect Ethernet devices Read the warnings and caution on this page. VentilationThis equipment has openings for ventilation that protect it from overheating. Contact your local cable serviceprovider for further assistance. Your pages will differ from the pages shown here.

WebSTAR DPR2320 and DPR2325 Cable Modem Gateway User s Guide

We recommend that you do not change the default wireless settings thatare shown in the preceding illustration unless you are instructed to do so by yourcable service provider. Follow the appropriateinstructions in this section for your operating system to renew the IP address onyour PC.

These include computers, PDAs, etc. Multicast Enable Checking this box allows multicasts to pass from the WAN side through to the private network Refer pdr I need to renew the IP address on my PC, next in this section uzb instructions on how to renew the IP address for your particular operating system.


Scientific Atlanta EPR : – Scientific Atlantic Gateway Cable Modem User’s Guide

Ethernet Illuminates solid green to indicate that an Ethernet carrier is present and blinks to indicate that data is being transferred on an Ethernet connection to the cable modem The corresponding LED on the DPR is labeled PC. Important Rules for Safe OperationPower Cord ProtectionArrange all power cords so that people cannot walk on dor cords, place objectson the cords, or place objects against the cords, which can damage the cords.

You can use ub large variety of wireless network devices with your gateway cable modem. The WebWizard pages and the examples shown in this section are for illustration purposes only.

Operate this product only from an electrical rpr with the voltage and frequency indicated on the product label. No part of this publication may be reproduced in any form or by any means or used to make any derivative.

Cisco DPR2320 Installation And Operation Manual: Install Usb Drivers

This page displays information about the cable modem gateway. It is important 232 view the characteristics of the entire network and not just each individual node. Field Name Options Event Logging Description Use this page to configure Web page filtering and firewall protection Use this page to access the firewall event log and to enter your address in order to receive alerts related to firewall attacks by hackers This section provides detailed instructions and procedures for configuring your cable modem gateway to operate correctly and presents an example of each WebWizard page.