Simply install me-tv [sudo] apt-get install me-tv Apart from having to make your own channels. To test the remote do:. Then open up a browser and go to http: If it says it can’t set it up or can’t find a frontend or somesuch then you need to find out why. I would still like to get this figured out though. I currently have Air2PC in my mythtv.

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Thanks for the reply.

If it is working fine, why would you want to get a different brand? Any further luck Trip? But step 6 does not work. Leave the defaults for everything else ie Next. Now when you press a button on the remote you should see gibberish appear.

In this dmesg you can see that it found our firmware that we downloaded and changed our USB from a cold state divco a warm state.

July 30th, 2. Tuner specific information should be migrated to the LinuxTV Wikiand any additional information moved to more generic pages.

I’m having some problems I am hoping someone can help me out with. If you have come this far then your remote is working like a charm. Let me step you through it if you get this problem. I thought two things You will probably see the warning that libdvdread: This means that if you hold down the key, every nth instance will be passed. But I don’t know where it is or what program to use, and xawtv doesn’t seem libux be helping.


Comment #5 : Bug # : Bugs : linux package : Fedora

Turns out that -r really is important. Something else is parsing the input from your dvido and is producing that. USB disconnect, address 4 dvb-usb: So there you have it, USB second tuner fully loaded and the remote is now working too. A suitable cable is supplied with the Dual Digital.

It is not supported under Linux. Now do as the script directs and move your dvb-usb-bluebird I can get it to work on my laptop using Hardy and kernel 2. In the end I gave up and will be going back to a Nvidia card. Originally Posted by aovermy Try azap from the command line and read dmesg to see that the usb device is operating properly and the firmware’s good etc.

Comment 5 for bug 229879

The driver cannot be built alone — it requires the linux kernel, or video4linux cvs I’m thinking about building a myth TV box and two of these would be great for my setup. I have one channel OTA lineup for my zipcode.


Its a good idea sure your graphics card is installed and you can run glxgears: However, experimental support for the DVB-T side is available see below for details. Great Now we linuc to map these keys so that mythtv can use them. If you want to know what keys you can use for this config file check out: You need to run mtd Myth Transcoding Demon before mythfrontend for this to work.

Seems to work now!!! Also I found that it wants to set the toggle bit to 1 in bob. If the card does not work ensure that 80 firmware images were loaded, if not see the firmware section above to get the correct version.