Driving fast takes a lots of practice. Pro driver Roselee Ramer said she got her start crushing her first car at age 13 and performed at her first event when she was 14 — years before she qualified for a driver’s license. Roy Hill’s Drag Racing School see Resources has produced a large number of successful funny car drivers who didn’t grow up in a funny car family or organization. Cookies make wikiHow better. How do I get them to take me more seriously?

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Anyone can aspire toward high-profile professional sports careers, but when it comes to the competitive world of auto racing, a would-be NASCAR driver should first consider gaining some basic experience from which to build a professional driver’s resume.

Also, losing the weight makes you faster and you’ll perform better. Different local, national, and international cup competitions are held through the year. Pro rscecar Roselee Ramer said she got her start crushing her first car at age 13 and performed at her first event when she was 14 — years before she qualified for a driver’s license.

How to Become an Indy 500 Race Car Driver

LS Lucien Smith Nov 29, Weigh their input heavily — it has value. Did you try these steps?

Start the third run at full power and continue down the track at full power. Flags are a very important part of tracking your car because you cannot hear other people shouting while you are tooling around an extremely fast speed.


Race as much as possible, even if it is go karts. Wave at all the corner workers.

Get the Job

Plan on ehoow more than one car; you will need the backup car in event of an accident or mechanical failure prior to or during the race.

An “O’Gorman”but give it the proper caution and respect. Tips Do not wreck. Click here to share your story.

How to Start a Race Car Team | SportsRec

Heavy and Tractor Trailer Truck Drivers. Not Helpful 10 Helpful According to Monster X Tour, most of its drivers broke into the industry by obtaining a job as a crew member on another driver’s team. I didn’t know anything about racing, but now Racecag feel equipped tacecar the right materials to continue on with my book. As you win races, you start to build a reputation as you improve your driving skills, enhance your talent, and build a career.

Find race car mechanics near you or on the Internet, so you can learn everything you can about the mechanics of a race car and how it differs from a passenger car. AP Autumn Pearson Aug 17, It takes persistence, but a strong desire to become a NASCAR transporter, coupled with tenacity, can land you the gig.

How to Become an Indy Race Car Driver | SportsRec

AG Alsameer Graves Oct 25, Getting off the line straight and at full power, cut the engine and coast down the track. Brake or feather the throttle, turn in and accelerate. Not Helpful 13 Helpful Each racing organization has a Competition School that is necessary to get your Novice License. Step 6 Purchase all necessary supplies and equipment, including tools, safety gear, an RV or other place for your drivers and team to stay during races, a truck and trailer to haul your race car and anything else you might need for the specific division of racing that you are entering.


Physical fitness is paramount to becoming a successful race car driver. What starts out as a race between two daily drivers and ends in a nitro fuel funny car final makes people want to get their license to drive in the NHRA or other sanctioning body’s event.

A “Snell” approved helmet which meets or exceeds the standards of the event in which you will be participating. Be proactive when it comes to learning the mechanical characteristics of the race car, such as engine and chassis specifications.

Learning to control a slide will make you both faster AND safer as you know what to do and what not to do to maintain control. You will be shocked at how difficult it is. Go to every event you can and arrive early — most feature pit parties before the show, where fans can meet the drivers and their crew. You will be shocked at how fast you go through brake pads, rotors and tires.