Hiace on suurempi kuin Golf ja Scania suurempi kuin Hiace Anyone tried them in a semi open back cabinet rather than ported? Yhteen asiaan suodinmuutos ei vaikuttanut. Can’t wait to hear you think, TT. I don’t know if an L-Pad would be needed, but they’re pretty inexpensive as well. Kaiutinrakennusohje Piste – 8-, ja tuumaiset hifi-PA-koaksiaalit. Eighteen Soundin 15NCXpohjainen artikkeli on tulossa.

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Pikasiistimiseen yksi ratkaisu on pinnoittaminen jollain ihan muulla kuin maalilla. Oct 22, Messages: Riippuu tietysti autosi takakontin koosta.

Eminence : Eminence Beta 10CX :: £

Ehdotan siis ohjeen mukaista koteloa. I noticed at first my safety bulb lit up quite often. Wake Island Wales U. Parts-Express has a day return policy, but you have to follow their rules for not scratching the frame, etc.

Jos vertaan kaseja Keffin q sataseen, niin valitettavasti 5tuumaiset pyyhkii bassoilla 8tuumaiset alleen. Tommy Tequila Expand Collapse.


beta | Eminence Speaker

The main option for them seems to be the ASD: Silloin se normaalisuodin toimii paremmin. Eli esimerkiksi tuumaisen 6,8-ohmisen tilalle seuraava vakioarvo on 8,2 ohmia.

Currently they have G’s in them. Musiikinkuunteluun tuumainen on ehdoton. Any thoughts from anyone as to which HF unit and crossover to pair with the speakers? Recommended for professional audio mid-bass applications or as a woofer in vented enclosures. Kylkiin sitten ohuemmat viisisenttiset. Ack, starting to get crazy here Kasatuista suotimista minulla ei valitettavasti ole kuvaa. Tosin etukaiuttimet ovat refleksit I’ve looked at the LTA as well, but not really heard it.

Please give yourself a refresher on the forum rules you agreed to follow when you signed up. Chris Sanders Eminence Artist Spotlight. Taitaapi olla suosittu sarja. Now even at same volumes it doesnt glow as much.

Suunnitteilla isoon n 40 m2 rivariolohuoneeseen tv: Miten toimisi, jos refleksiaukot sijoittaisi kaiuttimen pohjaan? Recommended for professional audio as a woofer in small sealed monitors, or as a PA woofer or monitor in a vented enclosure.


I was looking at the specs for the other Eminence drivers, and was wondering why folks weren’t using the Beta LTA? eminecne

Joka toinen tavara “backorder” ostoskorissa. I bought my Betacx on eBay for 78 shipped.

Eminence BETA-12CX — Thoughts and ideas

Recommended for emience audio as a mid-bass in either vented, or sealed satellite or floor monitor enclosures. Also suitable as a mid-bass speaker in sealed enclosures.

Oliko artikkelin aihepiiri kiinnostava? We work diligently to provide tools, which we hope will help you pick your sound. Works well in tiny sealed or vented enclosures, and in Infinite Baffles too. Then I saw this thread.