Whether two, four or six speaker environments, it creates the most realistic audio on the market. The key elements in 3D-sound technology lies in the audio filters which are used to spatially position the sounds in three-dimensions , the Transaural Crosstalk cancellation TCC technology used to reproduce the 3D-effects via loudspeakers , and the efficiency with which these two blocks of audio processing can be carried out. Fully Plug and Play Compatible. Canyon3D allows you to identify an enemy’s location based on sound effects, instead of relying on visual contact. The implementation of Sensaura’s technology is flexible so that different price points can be met. Sensaura TCC has been developed in what some consider the most critical audio market of all:

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Built in Midi Port and Joystick Port. Pretty powerful and it really makes it sound like the real thing. You’ll of course need a Dolby Digital receiver or decoder to use such a signal.

The software that comes with it is quite good. Anyone know where I ttechnology get that driver?

ESS ESD (Canyon3D) Free Driver Download for Windows NT4, NT () – SC_v18_zip

Could anyone help me? The drivers simply just would just not load. Incorporates Sensaura 3D Technology.

Over its year history, Sensaura has evolved from a technology used in the music recording industry by such stars as the late Frank Sinatra to the complete impressive 3D audio gaming experience, which it now provides.


In fact, Aureal’s quad speaker support is actually a hybrid solution, using traditional 2-speaker HRTF with volume panning to produce effects in the rear speakers. Sensaura MacroFX MacroFX is Sensaura’s solution for providing sound effects that are very close to the listener, one of the big weaknesses of other 3D sound implementations.


Whether two, four or six speaker environments, it creates the most realistic tecjnology on the market. Last edited by NooNoo; October 5th, at ESS make chips which manufacturers combine into their product.

I enjoy playing midi files but I surely did not find it pleasant coming out of this card. One of which is the DMX advance audio accelerator. Users can position the sound at any point and the sound actually comes out from that direction. But now I must display my ignorance.

December 11th, Numerous input connectors also make it great for user who wants to record from different source, especially for those with digital video encoders. The laptop is upgraded and everything seems to be running fine.

Much like Creative’s EAX, EnvironmentFX simulates 3D audio environments through a set of 26 different preset environments, such as underwater effects, sewer-pipe, etc. Experience total audio immersion with sound coming at you from all directions: All of the above control panels can be easily accessed via the DMX esa box at the start up icon next to the system clock. Thanks everyone the site that NooNoo provided gave me everything I needed. This ensure that Sensaura leads the way in PC based 3D audio.


Taken straight from Sensaura’s website: Es11970 Bookmarks Digg del.

This is accomplished by allowing hardware manufacturers to implement any features they want in hardware and software will provide the rest. It uses Head-Related Transfer Functions HRTF and cross-talk cancelation to simulate the effect of a sound wave traveling into the ear and modifies that sound wave to make it sound as if it is coming from a specific location.

In fact, any add on Wavetable daughter-card is worth the effort inserting to this board. The sound actually sounded like it was running from above head then it slowly move down. Install the drivers supplied by MPC, it should take care of the sound.

Sensaura Virtual Ear Taken straight from Sensaura’s website: The Sensaura technology has evolved through many recording sessions at the famous Abbey Road studios in London, and Capitol studios in L. Sensaura3D is the name of Sensaura’s 2-speaker 3D positional audio implementation.

Digital game port simply will not work properly on digital controllers, as the Digital controller driver tend to search for a legacy analog port, even if the Digital port is set at memory base