I pressed it on a PS3, and it did nothing. It also has no rumble or dualshock feature, but there is a controller that Logitech made called the F, almost the same as this controller, but has dual rumble features. All you have to do is map what keys do what and you’re set. Show less Show more. Logitech F Gamepad.

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This controller has been a joy.

They also provide an interface through which users can make the unit mimic the functions of a mouse and keyboard. Trending Price New. What it lacks in extra hardware features is more than made up for with the Logitech Profiler software utility.

Logitech F310 (940-000110) Gamepad

Logitech F, cheap and useful. This controller is very similar to a Playstation controller, and that’s not a bad thing. With an ergonomic frame and an intuitive button design, the Gamepad brings the convenience of a console to the PC. In addition, entertainment platforms like Steam also feature support for the gaming accessories.

F Gamepad – Logitech

Show less Show more. I bought this product because I’ve had mixed results using my DS3 pads for my computer. V310 in all, this is a nice controller, but not one to be proud of. Your instincts will guide your actions over the familiar layout.

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I then got the newer Logetich F and that one works a lot better. The F is not best controller out there, but it’s a good one gampad it’s quirks.


I wanted a controller that can I can use on the PC and the PS3, without coughing up a lot of money, and this is what I found. The corded design is preferred to save on batteries and input latency, and the cable is Throttle and Stick Simulation Controller.

However, the controller generally feels great, the buttons are smooth and responsive, and all the analogues are excellent both joysticks and triggers. Play on your TV. Really solid pad alternative. Nintendo Switch Pro Black Controller I pressed it on a PS3, and it did nothing. I found the tradeoff acceptable, but others may be turned off by it.

In those rare instances when a game doesn’t natively support this controller, Logitech has a slick little program called Logitech Profiler which is a free download on the Logitech website if your seller doesn’t include software with your purchase that is very much like xpadder, in that lets you create a custom keymap profile for each game you choose, and will even automatically launch the appropriate profile when a game with a saved profile is opened-you can even create macros using the utility.

F310 Gamepad Designed for the PC gamer looking for an advanced console-style controller.

Any Condition Any Condition. And since I was using a software emulator to use the DS3 as a XBox controller anyhow for compatibility, there was less setup than normal to get this working for all my games.

The front of the unit features buttons on the left and right accompanied by two triggers below. See details for additional description. The device can also be connected to many smart TV units equipped with Android. I took some points away from the the Logitech Profiler software utility for the grab-your-glasses small text in Logitech Profiler, and for the utility’s slightly cumbersome nature-for example, you have to “record” even single keystrokes before you can assign them to the controller, but this “record” procedure is what enables the F to perform macro functions-it’s a tradeoff-more functionality at the expense of simplicity.


I wish the Dual action worked better though because I like the sturdy feel of the shoulder buttons.

Logitech F () Gamepad | eBay

It is similar in design to the DS3, which is a huge plus, and v310 xinput mode switch in the X position on the back of the controller it behaves just like a XBox controller which is great for compatibility with current games. Microsoft Xbox JR Gamepad Would be perfect except for one big problem I have the Logitech precision game pad as well and really liked it, so I decided to get the dual action because it’s gamead the same design but with dual analog and the analog sticks also count as two extra buttons, just like the playstation controllers.

Sony DualShock 3 Gamepad