This is where the 3. Unless the faces of these putters were hand milled by tired, drunk millworkers, all of this data tells us didley pooh about the putters, but rather speaks to the golfers and their ABILITY to start a putt on the right line and hit it with correct speed. My feeling is that this could have a huge implication and also show up manufacturers claims further. I bag the heavy putter as well. Sometimes I personally think in the opposite way. The average handicapper cares WAY too much about the driver, especially distance, versus putter.

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I wonder sometimes why these complainers are even on the article if they just bitch the whole volfspy about everything. Andrew 1 month ago.

Jon 1 month ago.

When the goal is to simply get the ball in play off the tee, for some, the utility club may the best bet. I have played an ER 3 for about a year now mos I thank mygolfspy.


The commentary is very much appreciated. Jordan 1 month ago. The Heavy is an acquired taste undoubtedly. Oh, and you forgot the caps lock on, sir. Guys in the groups I play with seem to follow each wwnted so all tend to use the same ball. I believe what we surmised was that the balls over similar performance despite their difference in price points. To me 5ft is the most important range. You need better testers. They were only published 2 days apart so not sure that is any excuse.


In that case, would it be useful to publish the average number of putts for each putter at each distance?

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Grooves the wrong depth. Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. Some had variances of as much as 4feet from a distance of 15 feet. Moving on to putters…and starting with the Ringo. Our overall rankings are derived from the test of statistical significance, which is displayed in the last column. It must be like wznted teeth to the staffers here reading this stuff day in and day out after putting in a TON of hours talking to industry people, very smart math people and doing a ton of testing just to have someone come out and say some subjective shit like you posted.

Differences while often minimal are most pronounced when comparing spin across irons and wedges. Look at CIs as the basis for wantsd at each distance is easily doable and could be interesting.


MGS thank you for all your hard work. MGS wamted known to be data centric, yet judging from what I see that placed top was not just their data merits, but rather what people liked about the looks feels and sound, which is not what you guys are all about.

Many Scotty on the tours. The Best Year for Drivers Ever?

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Steve 1 month ago. We will be releasing a 18 degree in the same model and 20 degree early Ryebread 1 month ago. I like clubs that can do multiple things.

I was simply responding to the post directly above me, but I do appreciate your concern for the forum and the benefit it provides. I only generate about MPH in clubhead goldspy with my long irons and hybrids, so utility irons are not considered to be an ideal fit for me.

I love personal feed back. The Evnroll ER 3 has been a God send! N 8 months ago.