It’s part of HQL: Even if that class is the one specified, the problem persists: Ensure that you can connect to your DB2 client environment from the WebSphere Commerce non-root user wasuser profile. Do you mean that your Worklight database is DB2-based? Say if we use the generic method getInstance url, user, pwd, driverName to get the instance and thence execute some SQL queries, we could proceed this way:. February 2, at 6: Module [groovy-all is loaded in version 2.

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I have got the debugger to break at the line indicated by the asterisk, but it does not let me see the value of exception ‘t’ – Idea When i click ok on the Build Query window, the soapui is hanged.

Not able to connect db2 via jdbc in soap ui pro – SmartBear Community

The type java.lang.classnotcoundexception connection type database name syntax is deprecated for most utility command interfaces. The cannot find the com. You could verify the sysouts printed on console Try to run the same above snippet now, it should work.

Is there a correct place bug URL where I can put all these things for you guys to check them? But this is not error from coding logic Now i am able to store the values in the database and


It worked for me. For example, to establish a connection when you run the database cleanup dbclean utility and use the database connection acquisition framework, your command can resemble the following command: By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use.

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I am new in soapUI and …… […]. Hi, We do not support custom coding. Unresolved Maven dependencies type: For example, you can include properties to specify failover options or to enable JCC tracing. How to run only testcases with a specific tag, in November 18, at 5: The command to connect to the DB2 client can resemble the following command, which displays the resulting connection information for an environment that uses a Linux operating system: This looks like it has been introduced in IntelliJ DB2Driver not found in Worklight platform or project.

access to db2

This data source typically has the production database connection parameters for publishing data. And in the code glance highlights you can see them being displayed.

Chrome launched with an error page I forget the exact message and had Jetbrains listed at the bottom. Answer by Ali Orlando Mar 21, at I’ve got most of the code inspections turned on as I feel I am still learning when it comes to programming best practices, I thought I had finally rid a small java project of warnings, but then I saw more in the scrollbar that didn’t appear inline.


Since this connection type does not access the database directory for your client, ensure that you specify the host name, port number, and java.lang.classnotfouhdexception name parameters that are needed to locate the database.

November 22, at 2: Validate the DB2 client environment access Ensure java.lang.classnotfoundrxception you can connect to your DB2 client environment from the WebSphere Commerce non-root user wasuser profile. November 17, at 5: This framework is a unified database connection method that ensures that each utility and Ant task can reference a single class to configure the acquisition of a database connection, regardless of the JDBC driver that a database uses.

For example, the last line of view source is: This allows you to use it more extensively withing grails.

Cannot resolve reference to bean ‘dataSource’ while setting bean property ‘dataSource’; nested exception is org. This message code maps to a detailed message that can help you troubleshoot the error. Now everytime I startup IntelliJ this shows up in my event log: And java.lang.classnotfoundexcetpion granted permissions as required.