Ann at January 3, Carpal Tunnel makes his presence known after a while, so it’s back to a buckling spring keyboard. FoF at August 17, The prices keep going up and up, and the quality just isn’t there. Typically, they do not have much key travel, and the key action isn’t responsive. I have ToggleKeys accessibilty feature turned on beeps when NumLock, ScrollLock are hit , which helps tremendously, as that gives me immediate feedback when I reach for Home and hit NumLock instead.

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If you think the world is dangerous, safety is always the No. So now, I don’t leave the mouse connector plugged in.

Not horrible, I am definately getting used to it Rick at December 22, Also, for those of you who have a ThinkPad: My only quibble about this keyboard is that – rather surprisingly, given the excellent touch of the typing keys – the Trackpoint buttons have virtually no tactile feedback.

I have one of these keyboards on my kids’ computer because it is good for their small fingers and it does not take up their whole desk. World’s best Computer Keyboard I spend all day in front of a computer keyboard. However the Logitech diNovo has three problems, the first of which made it, for me, untenable.


Any other comments on the comfort or not of the keyboard? When pressed, there isn’t a grea rectangle icon under the cursor like the build-in thinkpad trackpoint.

IBM Space Saver II Trackpoint Keyboard FRU 37l Ps2 | eBay

Shame the Space Saver is out of production. Trick is to rest gently.

Its biggest downfall is the half-size cursor keys that are difficult to locate by feel the Toshiba keyboard has full-size cursor keys. I’m going to try one writer’s suggestion of removing the number pad kryboard on my desktop keyboard. So they’re still out there. Pop the keys from your numberic key pad and throw then in the recycling bin.

You can’t put that thing in your lap! Has anyone found this to be a problem?

IBM Space Saver II Trackpoint Keyboard FRU 37l0888 Ps2

Ash at October 27, David at June 13, Spacwsaver, I have a thinkpad, so I am very used to the trackpoint hence trying to get a desktop version On my laptop I have the trackpoint sensitivity on very high. E TwentyNine on Sun, 31 July Kevin at August 2, I was thinking maybe with the a spaacesaver remapper and keyboard sticker http: It works quite well. I can type as fast as I want and everything comes out just right.


The only problemwhich is quite trivialis that its batteries run out almost every week! I’ve just bought a second SpaceSaver ii, for home.

IBM SpaceSaver II – keyboard Series

Rick at May 20, Sarah at February 11, I havent read all of this but because of some comments I am just posting this to help all those people who aren’t happy of where their ctr or whatever keys might be. In addition, party elites could compromise across it. I would also like a keyboard that, like the Selectric, gave back a different sound for lower-case, upper-case and spaces.

The sad part is the key leftover on the right. Moving the mouse to the left solved my problem, but I do keyblard particularly like mousing on the left.

Rick at June 28,