Nitsuko 0aaf Digitalway Co. Connecting a Terminal Device to the S-bus Note that: Terminal Portability TP The subscriber can suspend an active call and then resume it within three minutes from the same or another analogue or ISDN terminal. The next window shows the connection port. Gen iPod Shuffle 4.

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For this reason, in order to answer a videophone call, the following steps are suggested: If the called party number is not identical to any of the MSN numbers assigned to the analogue ports or the inrtacom ports, it will nrtmod driven to the S-bus transparently.

The detailed description and use of these services is provided by the Operator. Once installed, any NTFS drives present. First upgrade netMod’s Firmware with the latest one, see Firmware upgrade. Be aware to have the correct file before you answer Y.

To restore the default value ms press: Alternatively, a telephone device which supports this feature can be connected. Wait for a few seconds. This connector is the serial port RS of the device. Mate 2 net In order to deactivate the distinctive ringing tone and netmpd to delete the MSN number, press: For further information consult the manufacturing instructions given for your device.


Press to return to the previous state or to cancel the installation. If there are no programmed MSN numbers in the device, then all the incoming calls are accepted.

netmod user’s manual

The products and programs described in this User s Manual are licensed products of. Gen iPod Shuffle 4.

August w w w. The device will accept the call when the called party number is identical to one of the MSN numbers programmed in the intraacom. The keys FLASH 2 to accept the waiting call and place the active call on hold the same key combination is used to switch between the two calls.

Drivers are available for all major operating systems. The serial port, so called COM port, is.

There is again an active call on line and a second call on hold. Your fibre equipment 3 2.

netmod user’s manual – PDF

Drivers for windows xp: After this comparison the call will be driven to the analogue port, or the data port whose MSN number is identical to the called party number of the call. Any change is saved in user profile 0 which becomes the active profile after restarting the system hardware reset. These jacks are the analogue ports ab1 and ab2 of the device.


Call Pick-Up service allows the subscriber to answer calls directed to a POTS port other than the one to which the subscriber s telephone set is connected. PC Program User s Guide Function 4 Optional Mfg. If during this inspection the subscriber places the handset off-hook, the active call will be restored.

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Connections of NT1 type devices In case of an incoming call from an ISDN modem, the call should have a intraccom party number identical to the one of the MSN numbers assigned to the data port. The subscriber should have the proper equipment in order to convert the metering pulses into an optical indication. Software Update Instructions Use the ati0 command to check the version of your device.