There is a very good chance you can find factory CD trays for sale there. My Dell PC at home runs Ubuntu. For more on how ; and why ; we launched the site, see my May 1 blog entry on Works With U. The partnership is going well. Make sure your firmware is set correctly, as shown by the test print, before you install the EU print driver.

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A cover over the slot, in which one inserts the CD tray to print CDs. But ultimately, our next move seemed obvious: Tutorials cover a wide range of topics. Nice to hear from you again. If you’re working with Canon model lines IP,,d, this is for you. Here are the Turboprint printer driver settings:. Everything else I tried prints oversize at mm wide x mm high image distortion differs between width and height axes.

If it get seven flashes, it means either the tray isn’t placed correctly, or the printer doesn’t see a printable CD in the CD slot. There is no such setting for the Linux driver. On some printer models, a sheet of blank paper will appear in the paper tray; don’t be concerned. But it works for me and should work for you.


So if you’re in the U. Nine Lives Media Inc. And send us […]. We dabbled in some Web 2.

You can find the information on part numbers matching your printer at this Steve’s Digicams page. If you need to reset your password, click here.

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install prob debian on ITE F controller HDD

Written by Joe Panettieri 1 May 1, Simply follow the instructions printed on the template. Ubuntu delivers hardware acceleration on Nvidia for all clouds and bare metal. Enterprise support Security Certification.

The 8212ff figure shows the upper left corner of the diagnostic print when the printer is set to the factory-default non-print-to-CD setting:.

Welcome: A Linux Site for the Rest of Us

These get you into printer service mode. See the sidebar at the end of this Recipe for the details. Visit the following links: If you can’t find the CD tray matching your printer for sale or are sufficiently determined or have a good home workshop setup, you can build the tray yourself as I did.


Is there an option in BIOS to boot from other? I tried building a tray in plastic using a minimal set of tools and found that, yes, plastic can be cut using a razor blade and scissors, but this is very time-consuming.

You need a piece of plastic about 0. Installation guides for Ubuntu Desktop and Ubuntu Server.

Label Discs With Linux and Windows Printers

You can assume it’s working when the tray disappears into the printer. So far, so good. Back in Maymy eventual business partner Ute Katz and I started to realize that Ubuntu was something special.