Many may think “How dare we suggest that we can design a magnet structure better than the old dead guys”. Unit comes with Hirschmann matching plug. While these things do not directly translate into hifi jargon, the physics of it are what governs the operation of all loudspeaker drivers. The quality of the power supply determines speed, resolution, tonality, and harmonic quality. It would be interesting to listen to differences using more recent horn designs, let’s say a round tractrix or a conical. The permanent magnet essentially modulates the signal. Also both drivers would be operating well into their comfort zone.

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That is where the DIY Open Baffle paradigm ckil be of enormous help to getting us closer to the magic of what technology can do to recreate the life in recorded music, at least so far at this time.

They are as colored in their response as any lowgher drivers from that era. I listen mostly to acoustic jazz and it remains my go-to tweeter for the genre. But I hesitate thinking that they may not deliver the promise of being exponentially ‘better’ than a much less expensive driver of a similar design.

Part of the difference may be due to the minimal Neo magnet which actually measured better than the in response tests.


Researching the best high-sensitivity 8″ driver for OB ~

On the other hand, many fullrange drivers still might benefit. Low voltage is somewhat flat and dull, higher voltage is aggressive and forward. I was quite surprised by one area where the field-coil Lowthers caused a massive change over the PM7a Alnico version. PM6 Diaphragm assemblies, 8 ohm, silver speech coils, German specification, yellow cone, short coil former, field coil In all honesty we don’t think we need to.

They use four-bolt frames available on Lowther models from the PM7a down to make a stable connection with a very heavy eight-inch long field-coil housing. The Feastrex’s midrange delineation sounded as though life-sized marble replicas of vocalists and instruments had been placed in appropriate positions behind the baffles.

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While you may lose a bit of potential system efficiency by fied to a good quality dome, I would still go that route. Unit comes with Hirschmann matching plug.

Sorry, this listing has ended. One of those field coil drivers said “up to “.

Lowther Field Coil Loudspeakers [Expired]

Poultrygeist Full Member Posts: This report shows how widebanders can be used on simple open baffles where they’ll require augmentation in the bass. You did say best, not cheapest best. Once a tweeter is used, there are necessarily complications I have limited comparison opportunities, posted on July 3, at Legal Privacy Policy Terms of Use.


The FC speaker has better control of the VC in the gap because of the stiff power supply and thus can resist the push back of refected waves.

FC driver Nonlinearities, posted on July 8, at Srajan feels that the Ampeggio sound is a bit ‘lean’. Voice coil impedance 8 ohms Flux density 0 to 2 Tesla Field coil current max. Be prepared to spend K for a pair.

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Steve Schell gave me the genesis of the following explanation. I can mentally reconstruct what you are referring to as indeed plausible, at least with the B’s.

I have tested compared Alnico FC versions of the same driver. The Voxative website states that the AC 1.

Nothing but raves about these speakers. Thank you to the giants whose shoulders we stand upon. The “gurgling” sound you remember fielr have been from the hum bucking coil common to mass-produced FC speakers of yore, which Lowtger.

I have always been very curious about Lowthers and many really extraordinary speaker designers have taken a whirl with them with some form of ‘horn’ design, like Rethm very expensive, terrific design used to do.