Which would make me think the following should prevent NM from doing anything:. Confirming on Hardy beta; indeed, it’s a kernel actually, forcedeth driver bug. Wed Oct 30, Henri Cook henricook wrote on The problem happened reliably. We were wondering is this still an issue for you? The question is whether for those that would have a board with one of those enabled, whether it gets enabled for the forcedeth as well.

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Unfortunately the command you gave wystem disabled the nm applet, but network manager still ticks away eating up all 3GB of RAM. Spent a good four hours looking at the problem and trying various fixes; the post by Tom was extremely helpful, but in no way would I have figured it out on my own.

They should work with Win10 as well. This post does not match the desired netiquette of the Forum. Either that has significance of some kind or my problem is inconsistent and intermittent. But if your card is not in MSI mode, this would be a different issue and probably needs more investigation.

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AGMaster aryeh wrote on It has been stated that this is expected to be fixed in 2. Then I upgraded my kernel to the 2. Since the digital signature of the modded drivers has not yet been imported at this stage, they cannot be used mcp55 scratch.


Forum – NVIDIA: Optimized nForce Driverpacks for Vista/Win

mvp55 If Windows Update is offering any new nForce chipset driver, you should only accept it, if you are sure, that the update is useful and safe. The problem happened reliably. In nvidia control panel I see 2 snapping. I will try again with your drivers, and if is not working I will try with windows 8 but maybe next weekend: I decided to blame something else for this issue and so i started to search on my ‘Message too large’ problem, which i was getting when using ‘dhclient eth0’.

NvNetInstallation – Community Help Wiki

Since Intrepid is going to us 2. Can you try with latest Ubuntu release?

Confirming on Hardy beta; indeed, it’s a kernel actually, forcedeth systek bug. Thank you for taking the time to report this bug and helping to make Ubuntu better. After I reinstaled drivers, my array work like a charm. Reboot and prair ; This one worked for me. I can take this to the mailing lists to try to find a reasonable solution.


The only thing that’s changed in the interim is I installed turboprint surprise surprise as my canon mp printer isn’t supported I don’t know how that could have changed things but I can’t think of anything else. The download is much quicker due to the small package size.

nForce Driver Version 15.51 for MCP55

Sorry if I sound like a moany old git, I’m just disappointed. When you are going to install Windows 8. Take a look at https: I was getting the problem reliably until then, so I’m pretty sure one of the several forcedeth patches in that kernel fixed it.

Before I answer your questions, I need some additional informations: It’s better to mvp55 on same controller or different one?: Unfortunately many nForce chipset drivers packages, which have been officially released by NVIDIA, have not been optimized for all nForce chipsets they were designed for. I’ve tested the current development kernel 2.

The ROM is v5. What pack of drivers you suggest tot try?