Expert support for our advanced test equipment is located right in our Indianapolis facility. For each of the uplink and the downlink, the M such numbers can be combined as M-dimensional complex valued vectors. This equipment is available for short or long term rental, lease purchase, and sale. There is no inherent need to define the concept of a base station or subscriber unit, and how to modify this description to accommodate the peer-to-peer case would be clear to one of ordinary skill in the art. Any subscriber unit implemented signal quality determining method may be used, and the method and apparatus for determining signal quality used in the preferred embodiment is the kurtosis based method disclosed in above referenced U. Thus, on the uplink there are M signal paths from a subscriber unit, one to each of the M inputs of the receive signal processor Such systems also should use ordinary communication waveforms substantially conforming to the particular air interface standard of the wireless communication system in which they operate.

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The method of 2wherein the main transceiver comprises means for uplink adaptive smart antenna processing including linear uplink adaptive smart antenna processing according to an uplink weight vector, and downlink adaptive smart antenna processing including linear downlink adaptive smart antenna processing according to a downlink weight vector, the method further comprising: The system of 35wherein the main transceiver further comprises means for uplink adaptive smart antenna processing including linear uplink adaptive smart antenna processing according to an uplink weight vector, and downlink adaptive smart antenna processing including linear downlink adaptive smart antenna processing according to a downlink weight vector, wherein at least one of the transceiver signal processors is programmed to: It also will be apparent that the method enables the separate determination of the uplink and downlink signatures for any subscriber unit.

Referring again to FIG.

It also may be determined from the uplink signals received at the antennas of the array from that remote user using some knowledge about these uplink signals, for example, the type of modulation used. In addition to producing the symbol sequencedemodulation and reference signal generator also produces a reference signal which is a modulated signal that is modulated by the estimated symbols miceonetics that has a correct signal structure according to the particular modulation protocol used.


PXI Relay Module

Computer-readable storage medium having stored therein information processing program, information processor, information micronstics system, and information processing method. These antenna performance improvements include improved directionality, signal to noise ratio, and interference rejection for received signals, and improved directionality, security, and reduced transmit power requirements for transmitted signals.

Another feature of the invention is enabling determining the downlink spatial signature of a subscriber unit communicating with a communication station, the determining using only general-purposw communication station and the subscriber unit. In general, single calibration factors that are independent of the location of the remote user may not be possible. Cross-correlate the first half of the received sequence with the first half of calibration sequence [] 1: Enhanced calibration for multiple signal processing paths in a wireless network.

Similarly, on the downlink, there are M signal paths, micronetisc from each of the M generall-purpose of transmit signal processor to the subscriber unit. The invention wsitch be applied in a system comprising any antenna-array-equipped transceiver and another transceiver communicating with the array-equipped transceiver.

While the preferred embodiment describes a base station that has a single array for both uplink receive processing and downlink transmit processing, with means for adaptive smart antenna processing on the uplink and the downlink, the invention also is applicable to a base station that has an 21 only for transmit processing, and for a base station that uses a separate antenna array for uplink processing and for downlink processing.

This is repeated, transmitting prescribed signals from other antenna elements using other transmit apparatus chains until prescribed signals have been transmitted from all antenna elements for which calibration factors are required.

General Purpose Limit Switches

The subscriber unit then transmits the result back to the base station. Genrral-purpose desirable feature is that the method can be used for signature estimation in order to also account for differences in the RF paths.

Cross-correlate the second half of the received sequence with the second half of calibration micronetucs I: In both embodiments, separate calibrations are carried out for receive and transmit paths, and extra equipment is needed, either a separate remote calibration station, with an additional link, or a separate sense antenna system. In a second experiment, the signals received at the remote terminal are sent back to the resource controller via the data bus to enable determining the transmit apparatus chain calibration.


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Tru Cal International Bensenville, IL Comprehensive, nationwide instrument calibration services at a fully accredited calibration laboratory. We build stand-alone custom testers, and other embedded microcontroller devices using the Microchip PIC product. We offer a wide selection of electronic instruments from all the leading manufacturers. In the particular implementation, the antennas are calibrated pairwise with each antenna calibrated with respect to a fixed reference antenna.

In the first segment say the first half of the segment, the sum of M different single tone signals, miicronetics of the M tones being distinct, is transmitted from the first say the general-;urpose antenna element, while no signal is transmitted from the other antenna elements. In the preferred embodiment the set of transmit weights is computed directly from the set of receive weights generated by receive signal processorand the computation is carried out by transmit weight generator in real time.

These may be averaged to give a final estimate of the timing offset. As such sums occur naturally in a multiuser communication system with frequency reuse, a sum of waveforms conforming to an air interface standard is also considered to conform to an air interface standard for the purpose of this description. After the service channel is established, the subscriber unit transmits an uplink calibration burst towards the base station.

For increasing the distributed antenna system in a radio frequency rf power systems, methods and apparatus.

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One also may generalize the method to deal with more than two antennas at a time. Wireless general-pirpose device and wireless communication method, and computer program. Another desirable characteristic for a calibration method is the ability carry out rapid calibration even several times during an existing call. We sell both new and quality used RF-microwave communication parts. The present invention will be more fully understood from the detailed description of the preferred and some alternate embodiments of the invention, which, however, should not be taken to limit microneticss invention to any specific embodiments, but are for explanation and better understanding only.