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Marques Brownlee.

I haven’t made the announcement yet, but I have updated the flairs on the subreddit so you should be able to pick a smartphone company and edit it to show what phone you have. Don’t downvote opposing opinions If unsure about a post please message the mods before posting. And it’s really a very good experience for me.

This might be the year that I splurge though, there are so many bells and whistles on phones these days, I think it might mkkbhd an upgrade. I miss my note 7, was best phone I’ve ever had in everyway. No posts about misaligned wall panels or messed up subtitles.


Have a great day! Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities. Has anyone ever heard him explain why?


We know YouTube doesn’t have the easiest means of actual discussion, so we’re focusing on creating a welcoming environment to have civil discussions of the latest tech. Submit a Crispy New Text Daiyl. I agree with this. I highly recommend it if you loved the Note 7. Sometimes I wish the battery was a little bigger but the camera completely mkhhd up for any minor complaints like the battery and bezels.

I absolutely love this phone. I now have the Note 8 and I love it.

It’s reliable, it does what I mbhd it to and it has a headphone jack. I like the convenience key which I have bring up the Google Assistant. We just don’t have time to explain why every post was taken down!

Came from the note 7 after Log in or sign up in seconds.

I also had the Note 7 and it was by far my favorite phone at the time. Still on oneplus 3. With Oreo now, run faster than before, not so great camera, but it’s ok for now I guess. Loving it so far. Runs great, looks great Kinda Blue.

Just post directly to Reddit. I’m pretty sure he stated he’s just happy with stock android, and he doesnt need all the bells and whistles mmbhd the Note 8.


What’s your current daily driver? : mkbhd

I’ve always felt neutral about TouchWiz so I’ve used Nova launcher for quite some time now and love it. Awesome phone but just not the same as the Note 7 it felt like a downgrade. I’m still on my Galaxy S5. Probably won’t switch to the s9 as I feel it won’t be a big enough upgrade.

Always link to original sources. I’ve only ever had a cheap flip phone that my job gave me. I agree it is not ideal placement but it honestly doesn’t bother me that much.

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