The 4 LEDs provide up to 16 combinations that can troubleshoot booting problems, the various combinations of lights translate to various errors. What must they do to ensure that you part with your cash in their direction?. Interested in this stuff? This is further reduced to two when you factor out the Northbridge cooler that occupies one header. After FSB, the performance falls off somewhat. I’ve reviewed quite a number of motherboards recently.

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Gone are the dull, matt boxes. Benchmarked at xx32, a resolution that is still heavily subsystem limited. The nature of the E chipset dictates that single-sided DIMMS have to be used in slots lna and 3 when all 3 are populated. You would never be able to the difference visually. Bluetooth is basically a short-range radio-based, wireless medium for connecting various Bluetooth-powered devices laan one another without the need for wires.

I like the caveat at the top of the rear side, “All specifications below are optional”. Benchmarks IV We’ve introduced Comanche 4 into our gamut of benchmarks recently. I wager that your attention has been drawn to the strange PCB and what looks like a marker to the right of the previous page’s picture?. As for the AGP slot, mzx slot features a convenient DIMM style locking mechanism which has found its way on the majority of boards available on the market.


MSI MS-6566E Manuals

Therefore, I’ve decided to normalise the results to MHz, as 2 of the motherboards on test natively run at that speed when set to MHz. Only one fan header sits above the socket, I had hoped for another as some people require dual-fan cooling. In come vibrant designs and a myriad of extra features.

I now value features and overall system stability as the most important defining characteristics of any motherboard. Vcore ranges from the default 1. The antenna that plugs into the back of the module serves as a conduit for sending and receiving data from other Bluetooth devices.

This has to be tempered by the fact that the server is 7 or llan metres away and the signal has to travel through 2 walls. I also am a fan of motherboards that buck the trend, that offer something new.

MSI E Max, MSE socket mainboard

Still, it’s good that a manufacturer cares. It trailed the IT7 by a couple of percent in our benchmarks, nothing to write home about but consistent nonetheless. Running the FSB at Whether you plan on putting together a stock system without the need for overclocker, or if you plan on taking that 1. System Setup and benchmarking notes. The 4 LEDs provide up to 16 combinations that can troubleshoot booting problems, the various combinations of lights translate to various errors. Compatibility was good too.


The actual bundle is reasonably comprehensive. The label on the side of the box also spells out some of the features on offer. The overall voltage manipulation available is reasonably good, definitely higher than some other MSI ‘boards. This wouldn’t be an objective review without some criticism. Everything installed without causing concern, either. The above picture shows me getting the Aquanox benchmark from my server via the Bluetooth connection.

My only gripe is that with 3 separate headers and ,si bluetooth header, you may have to sacrifice a few PCI slots if you want all the bells and whistles used concurrently. Her you can see that the iE MAX2 is clocked the lowest at What I’ve shown above are the most aggressive timings that I used to benchmark the motherboard.

You also receive 3 additional brackets housing the audio outputs, USB 2. The relatively poor performance of the test ‘board continues at FSB.