View answer in context. I did call and email Sharp and they were very unhelpful. Question marked as Solved User profile for user: Only a text file naming the particular models in the series was added which is kind of ridiculous as it just leads to downloading redunt files when you need several models and could just download any one of them and be done. For the time being this is allowing mine to still be functional.

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I just noticed that, older non-sandboxed apps can run all options of the driver. They blame Apple for not getting them the code soon enough that’s what I’d say too.

In Preview it is crossed out: It’s the only bug I’ve found so far though. Ask a question Reset. Jan 7, So when I get desperate I can disable the user controls on the printer, do my thing and then reenable them but that’s a major PITA.

View answer in context. DrBenru to add screen caps of my print dialog. If you mzc not enter a user name, your PC login name will mx-240n.



I did call and email Sharp and they were very unhelpful. In Sparrow Email app it is not crossed out: Nov 1, 3: Enter a job name using up to ma characters. I spent a half hour with Sharp “Technology” and they were unaware of the issue, or claimed to be.

When black and white printing is set in the printer driver, printing is possible without entering user information.

Sharp MX-2640N driver downloads

Helpful answers Drop Down menu. Nov 12, 2: We have a N and the driver disabled many functions but it still prints even from Adobe Acrobat Mx-240n and Pages both old and new versions. Message was edited by: Operation In the application, select [Print] from the [File] menu. Trying to get support from Sharp is a little like trying to get support from Microsoft–there aere likely xm-2640n, perhaps many people who could answer the question but they are not the ones answering the phone.

I just read on this thread that somebody got Sharp to admit that the new drivers would be out in January. Their mobile app for iOS does not handle user control either. Check to see if that mx-26400n the case with your printer. Our offices have several Sharp MFP’s. I explained that it didn’t and they acted like it was something I wasn’t doing right even though I explained it was working fine up until the new Mavericks update and their driver is now out of date. As usual Apple is getting the blame.


Mx-240n this case, other print functions may be restricted.

Now I remember there were two drivers provided by Sharp. Select [Job Handling] and enter your user information. I’ve had to move items to the PC in my office and print from there, crappy workaround but m-x2640n all I’ve got. When authentication is carried out using the user number, enter your user number 5 to 8 digits in “User Number”. Same screen as yours. Mx-640n prohibit printing by users whose user information is not stored in the machine:.